LUFF Brands is a CBD lifestyle company, focused on providing premium quality, innovative products across the United States. Committed to plant-based science, LUFF produces a suite of thoughtfully designed products. The company focuses on unique formulations leveraging cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN; and boosts them with superfood ingredients to empower people to realize the full potential of everyday life.

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June 8th 2022

Issuance of Common Shares to Camilla Advisory Group

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May 26th 2022

LUFF Enterprises Announces First Quarter Financial Results And Provides Corporate Update

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January 18th 2022

LUFF Announces Appointment Of New Chief Financial Officer

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January 11th 2022

LUFF Announces Resignation of CFO

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December 16th 2021

LUFF Announces Sale of Nevada Assets and Provides Corporate Update

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November 3rd 2021

LUFF Announces Exclusive Wholesale Distribution Agreement with Alkannoli Lda for German and Portugal Markets

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September 7th 2021

LUFF Investor Deck - (08/21)

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June 24th 2020

LUFF AGM - CEO Presentation (06/20)

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May 20th 2020

Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders (2020)

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Financials 2022 (Q1)

Management's Discussion and Analysis
May 2022 (1MB)

Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
May 2022 (1MB)

Financials 2021 (Q4)

Year-end Financial Statements
April 2022 (1MB)

Year-end Management's Discussion and Analysis
April 2022 (1MB)

Financials 2021 (Q3)

Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements
December 2021 (1MB)

Financials 2021 (Q2)

Quarterly Update and MD&A
August 2021 (1MB)

Financials 2021 (Q1)

Quarterly Update and MD&A
May 2021 (1MB)

Financials 2020 (Q4)

Year-end Financial Statements
April 2021 (1MB)

Philip Campbell
Founder & CEO
Jason Vandenberg
Kristine Zhang
Business Analyst
Jeremy South
Chairman & Director
Philip Campbell
Founder & CEO
Drew Malcolm

Investor Presentation (September 2020)


Shareholder Information

US Form 8937
August 2018 (1.6 MB)

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Guidelines
May 2020 (82 KB)

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
May 2020 (150 KB)

Audit Committee Charter
May 2020 (135 KB)

Non-Audit Services Pre-Approval Policy
May 2020 (100 KB)

Compensation and Governance Committee Charter
May 2020 (80 KB)

Insider Trading Policy
August 2018 (1.0 MB)

Whistleblower Policy
May 2020 (80 KB)


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